Making Sales Calls

Well ... this has to be the worst part of my job. Making sales calls AKA cold calling. BLAH.

Want to know my secrets as to how to get around it? That works?! Follow along.

  1. Business cards- people still would rather see a person in person. It is much harder to turn down someone who has made the effort to show up to their door. A great business card can lead to a conversation and eventually a meeting. Try using MOO for something interesting and different!
  2. Write a letter - old school right? But who doesn't love to receive a good ol' letter in the mail. And you can include your business card! Try using exciting paper and envelopes to grab their attention before they even open the letter. Oh, and make sure it is handwritten.  
  3. Just do it - sometimes if the first two don't work you have to give them a call. Don't fret! It will all be alright. I like to think about it as if they will never see you, or meet you, given the meeting does not go well so what do you have to loose? Oh and for all you nervous ones out there, make sure to take a deep breath ... relax ... and let it flow. 
    I prefer to have a set script to run by (don't read it word for word!) but atleast it will help me along if I choose to get stuck.

Best of luck out there in the real world!

Oh, and while you're here ... Need an online marketing consultant &/or manager???? 
|Insert hand raise here|

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