LinkedIn Not Working For Tablet or Mobile

So I bought this tablet specifically for doing work over the weekends on my many travels.
I've spent way too much at apple tech fixing my mac book given it doesnt have a solid state hard drive.

Anyways, I had this problem where everytime I tried to use LinkedIn for the company account it would redirect me to or which would not allow me to post! So frustrating!

So here is what I did to fix:
*This is for Chrome Browser!

  1. open your Chrome browser
  2. click on the three dots along the url bar in the top right corner
  3. check the box next "request desktop site"
  4. refresh

If that does not seem to work for whatever reason try:

  1. open Chrome browser
  2. click the 3 dots along url bar in the top right corner
  3. click settings
  4. click site settings
  5. click allow full screen
  6. refresh

Worked for me! Hope it works for you!

P.S. if you need any marketing feel free to give me a call!

Austin PayneComment