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Like I said before, I moved out here to Midland not knowing anything about the oil industry... and of course I am now involved. But surprisingly very pleased by it!

Here's why:

  • It's untouched - It seems as though the people of the industry are a little behind the times. Some may have everything set up and that is great! But they are normally massive companies with in-house marketing teams to take care of things.  
    With all the smaller businesses out there, who is going to take care of them?! Someone like ME!
    I found that when advertising on Facebook, there is a huge benefit because there is not that much competition. Especially when narrowing your targeting to exactly the right places (based off Google Analytics) and the right keywords, it will be far worth your money!
    Since Facebook is the personality of the company, people love to like, share, and comment because it's different.
  • Playing with the big dogs: of course you are up against a lot of fluff on Facebook but being there in the first place is very important! Even if someone is not drawn to like or comment on your company's post, they at least remember the name (subconciously). Then next time they need ... let's say a service company ... you are on the forefront of their mind. DONE!
  • Big fish in a small pond: like i said before, there are really not that many oil and gas companies actively engaging in social media (specifically Instagram). So be one of the first!
  • Tailor your posts: With every industry comes different standards. Facebook is all about personality where LinkedIn is more business. It can get confusing sometimes which is why you need someone like me!

Ready to get your oil and gas company online? I am!

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