I Just Sold My Car For A Camera!

Well, sort of. 

We have three cars to be precise. The third, being my old and wrecked 2003 Element from high school needed to go. So I threw it up on craigslist and sold it. Done. 

I drove straight to Best Buy to pick up the camera I had been eyeing for weeks. THE SONY A6000. duh duh duhhhhhhh.
The reason I wanted this camera so bad was because of:
1. It's size. Perfect for traveling and taking just about anywhere.
2. It operations. A smaller camera that can still preform like a DSLR
3. Lenses. You can change the lens to just about anything!
Great deal!

After opening the box and looking through the manual, I found it really wasn't that helpful. Great. Simi-professional camera with no idea how to work it.

So, I found the best video out there to walk you through it. Enjoy!
It's a long video but I promise it is all worth it! Don't forget to take notes!


Austin PayneComment