Squarespace VS Wordpress

Using a template is a great way to get your business started, and quick. 


There are so many style options out there you are bound to find one you like! 

Whether you are building it yourself or having someone do it for you, I promise you will benefit. 

Building can take TIME. Just because it is a template does mean you can "drag and drop" but you are still going to have to customize it to your specific purpose which does take a lot of TIME. My best suggestion, unless you have worked with the program before would be to hire someone on an hourly rate and get them to help you build at a reasonable price.
Do not play a lot of money for a website built on a template! You're better off doing it yourself.

Templates are efficient. Built fast and easy to save you time and MONEY. Also, most template hosting companies have a help line or at least a community to answer your questions.

SQUARESPACE - They are the bees knees! Let me tell you. By far the most efficient templates I have used in my experience. You can build you website via drag and drop style. Perfect for the one new to the website building scene. AND all the themes are very modern and clean built for a website not a blog (even though you can add a  blog too). Oh and they have everything from product launches/pages to galleries/portfolios. 
Pricing: $5-$18 a month

WORDPRESS - who hasn't heard of Wordpress? This is another great template site because they have been there forever. When you look at their preset options, you will see more templates for blogs than a company website. Keep that in mind when signing up with them. They do have a fairly simple interface to work with but it will take you more time going from the "behind the scenes" format to the website. 
Benefits: one time payment
Pricing: FREE-$200

THEMEFOREST - this site is great if you decide to continue on with Wordpress. Makse sure to find a theme with an easy transition to Wordpress. Some of the themes I have found even have videos to walk you through the process. 
Choose from thousands of  options! The best way I found to narrow it down is search by the industry you are in, make sure you are searching within Wordpress too.
Best for options.
Pricing: $20-$500+

Best of luck with your new website!

If you think you need someone to help you with your website, give me a shout!

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