Superbowl Commercial Bust This year

Every year I watch the Superbowl specifically for the commercials. And maybe a half time with the Queen B is involved. BUT I have to say that this year was filled with minimal good commercials. 

The weird pug/monkey/baby? I defiantly got the idea they were going for but I have to say it wis one of the creepiest commercials I've ever watched. Going to be haunted by that one for a while... F*** WEIRD.
But hey, you remembered it right?!

Weiners reunite! Maybe I love this one because I am a dog person. Especially a dachshund person. But how cute and adorable can this commercial get??

Pokemon makes an appearance. Am I the only one on this planet that thought Pokemon was out/retired? Well, I guess not. Bring it Ash.
I think they delayed announcing the brand name until the end  for a reason ...

That's it! Literally no other commercials to discuss. Better luck next year I guess.

Austin PayneComment