The new iPhone SE: Things To Know

iPhone SE

This phone actually might resemble a phone you have seen before (iPhone 5). The reason being is that Apple has noticed people prefer the sizing of their smaller phones over the larger. 

The phone now comes in Rose Gold in addition to their traditional colors being silver, gold, and black.


The new SE has same camera as the 6, being a 12-mega pixel camera, including live photos.
 Videos are shot in 4K resolutions with 30-second frames per second.

Embedded with the same chip at the iPhone 6, you get all the best processing of their latest phones.

Again, same as the 6 and 6 Plus. This phone offers up to 13 hours of wifi surfing and up to 14 hours of talk time


This phone has nothing new. Exact same phone as a 6 in a smaller size. Today they also released a new watch ... oh wait no they didn't! Just new watch band colors ... lame. 

Apple your really letting me down.