Texas to Colorado

What to do and which way to go.

A couple weeks ago, R and I took a trip starting in Texas onto New Mexico and into Colorado ... and back again. 

There is something special about taking a long road trip through some of the most beautiful / untouched parts of the country.  It really makes you stop everything and just hang your head out the window.

Starting out in West Texas. Fortunately most of Texas has 80+ mph speed limits, so peddle to the medal up to New Mexico.

First stop, Bottomless Lake. As you make your way up to Roswell, you'll be sure to pass the sign along highway 380. If the weather is nice, you can grab your bathing suit and soak up some sun ☼ This lake is actually deep enough to go scuba diving! In the desert!  Definitely a conversation starter.

Get weird in Roswell. Normally I would never suggest this as a pit stop but it will be your last chance for gas before Santa Fe. As you may remember, Roswell is known for it's UFO theories. Feel free to stop and grab yourself some funny alien attire before heading to your next stop.
Just don't forget to fill up, take a break, and grab a snack.

Onward to Santa Fe.
▽ Grab some lunch at Harry's - my suggestion would be the Budda Bowl or Pizza! YUM
▽ Take in the art. The streets of Santa Fe are lined with history, art and jewelry. If anything, just make a pit stop to see what the city is all about.

Out of the way to Taos. As you may already know, we are always in Taos! No matter the season you are passing though, this mountain is truly breathtaking. Throw on your hiking shoes or stap into your ski gear because this place is awesome! And I'm sure you'll be back :) Drive up to the Bavarian if it is open! 
Long shot - If you are headed through during the summer months and you also happen to be a downhill mountain biker, head over the neighbor mountain, Angel Fire, for some of the best downhill in the USA.

Colorful Colorado bound. Taos is right on the edge of NM and CO. It's actually only about 3 hours to the next major ski resort (Wolf Creek). So manage your next move ahead of time depending on what you want to do. 

STOP and take highway 285 all the way to Colorado, your going to want to pull over and take it all in because it's AMAZING! The highway gains in elevation so you are up there with the birds. You head into Colorado coming up the back way into the resorts. Some of this land looks like it has never been touched and a lot of it is actually private land. If only I could have a 12,000 ft mountain on my ranch ...  

Hoosier Pass. At almost 12,000 feet you come into the ski valley on top. The pass is open most of the year but check ahead of time if you think there will be inclement weather. Don't be afraid to be a tourist and take a picture with the sign ... I still have one framed in my house from when I was 12 :)

Unfortuenly this is where we stopped. But I hope that I have given you enough of a to-do list to get you through this part of the trip. 

Enjoy and happy trekking!


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