5 reasons you should choose Squarespace and never look back!


where to i begin … i guess we can start with

squarespace vs wordpress


Where should you go from here? Which one should you work on? Well, let’s dive in!

  1. You don’t have to be a tech wiz!
    Ease of use:

    • SQUARESPACE is by far the winner of this category!! Wordpress is still stuck in the 90’s. Probably because its the OG but we’re in the world of technology these days. About time Wordpress catches up! There is no arguing that Squarespace’s drag and drop style backend is just THE BEST.

  2. Its still going to be just as beautiful if not more!

    • Squarespace yet again wins this round. They truly have done such a great job making sure the platform is functional enough for any one of any industry to do anything! Just make sure you sign a good enough designer/developer to give you exactly what you need!!!

  3. No pulling your hair out

    • The best thing about SQUARESPACE is that they host their sites on Squarespace. What does this have to do with anything? Every heard of someones site crashing? Well, they’re probably on Wordpress. They crash ALL THE TIME. It’s wild how many Wordpress sites I’ve worked on that continually glitch and just have so many problems weather it be due to images being too large, plugins not installed correctly, or maybe you just sneezed and the site freak.
      After building over 50 sites on Squarespace not ONE has crashed!!

  4. All in one place
    Additional offerings:

    • There is no such things as plugins with SQUARESPACE because thats old school. Squarespace offers everything you need within their own platform. Everything from analytics, newsletters, stock images, etc. It’s all right there. Simple. DUH.

  5. Let’s not break the bank

    • Once you get to a certain level, there is no such thing as a free site unless you want it to look like a free site (ex: wix, blogger, wordpress.com) Next step, paying for an awesome platform - SQUARESPACE. Now, I may have to write a whole other blog just to go into how many charges you will have with Wordpress : hosting, plugins, domains, etc all from seperate sources. With Squarespace its all together in one happy package for as little as $12/mo!