Best Hikes In Big Bend National Park

If you don't follow my Instagram already, you know that I am in Big Bend National Park ALOT! 
So, I thought it would be best for me share with you ... my favorite hikes of all time! Within the park that is...

Best Hikes In Big Bend National Park - Find Me Trekking

Pine Canyon Trail

I am in love with this trail! Short and sweet, it is about 4 miles round trip. 
The best thing about this trail is that you get to see every type of topography within a hike! (This is the trail I normally take my visitors).
You begin at the base of Pine Canyon Road, which is right off Glenn Springs - the closest road to the park headquarters. 
You will take a dirt road for a while until it dead ends into the trail.
The trail starts in the "desert" part of the park. You have to walk aways without any cover so make sure you bring plenty of water! This will be most of the distance you'll have to cover. Most of this walk is through a maintained loose rock trail (good work on the calves I always say :))
As you make your way, you will then start seeing vegetation and the trail will start to become dirt and roots.
I always love this part of the trail as a chance to cool off and take in the completely different landscape than your previous mile. 
The last part of this hike is always what get to "visitors". It includes a steep uphill climb, which also includes loose rock, again. I have to admit I fall every time but all in good fun.
Once you make it to the top, you will be happily rewarded with a waterfall (season permitting)!

Best trail in the park by far!

Lost Mine Trail

This is the most famous trail in the park, and yes I still love it even though it can become quite busy. 
Again, this is a shorter trail but well worth stopping by! The path is very well marked, maintained and traveled. I think you will probably have to worry more about running into others than seeing an animal on this one.
As you make your way up, there are many places to stop and take pictures of the prehistoric looking park below you. 
Continue on up to the peak. There is a huge area you can walk around and explore to see different aspects of the world below. 
There are no railings or ropes so be careful all you safety puppies!
This hike is 2.4 miles and right off the main road.

South Rim Trail

This one is an accomplishment! We actually made the mistake of taking some guests down this trail without knowing their physical capabilities. We still had one that made it through!
None the less, this trail is a long one. Great for exercise! 
12.5 miles round trip
To say that you have done this trail in the park means you definitely get a patch to prove it :)
The views are not as great as the previous hikes listed but if you are someone interested in spending an entire day out in the park on the trail, this sucker is for you!
This trail is also popular to those looking to backpack. The trail interconnects to others allowing you spends days and days out in the wilderness.

The Window

Probably one of the best views you can get within the park. This hike is perfect for anyone! A quick drive down the paved road towards the Chisos Mountains and your trailhead will meet you at the parking lot. 
You just have to go see it for yourself. 

Tips and Tricks

  • Always bring more water than you need- this park is huge, so there are not many places to fill up on water or gas
  • Think about your clothes - depending on your hike may determine how hot or cold you are going to be. My suggestion is to wear layers so you can take off or put on depending on your surroundings
  • Surroundings - this park is known for its animals. Keep an eye out for smaller snakes and spiders while also listening for the larger ones like bears and cats
  • Navigation - always bring your map! Sometimes these trails will wonder for a bit. We never leave without our National Geographic edition for more detail.
  • Bring/tell a friend- and as always make sure you tell a friend where you are going just to be safe. There is no cell phone service out there so it's always best just to let someone know :)

Happy trekking!