Here We Go Tahoe | Day 1 Tahoe Loop

At the point I mention below! Make sure to bring your camera!

At the point I mention below! Make sure to bring your camera!

Arrived in TAHOE today!!!

I think this is one of the most action-packed days I have had in a whileeee. After waking up at 4 a.m. for a flight from Midland to Vegas to Reno, I thought all would go smoothly (I've learned to never assume normal flights living in West Texas) but yet somehow I was still optimistic about my trip to Tahoe for the 25th b-day. Well it wasn't.

Turns out you CAN'T get on a flight as the companion without your companion (Southwest). There goes $500 but hey I'm here now!

Grabbed the rental car and my checked luggage, which I rarely participate in, in fear of loosing my precious cargo. This time my blender came along... I need to learn to pair down.

Off to Tahoe!!! An hour drive, absolutely no biggie.

Staying in South Lake Tahoe is a little different than the North Lake Tahoe experience I am used to in the winter season but hey they have everything down here! Pizza, shopping, gambling, you name it. 

Still like North better :)

My stomach told me as soon as I checked in it was time to search for food as usual. So I headed right down the road to Ski Run Marina for a bite to eat at the Riva Grill. An expensive hamburger and a few beers and I was a happy gal looking out onto Lake Tahoe. 

Now, onto the daily adventure. 

The Tahoe Loop

I don't know the real name of it but it is the main road around the entire lake. It starts on hwy 50 then hwy 89 and last looping around to hwy 28 if you want to get technical. 

I actually went the opposite way people usually go (south to west, west to north ...) and I fully accept this decision. It seemed as though there was always traffic going the other way, so lucky me.

Now I am going to list my favorite hot spots along the way starting at South Lake Tahoe (keep in mind I am a very impatient person, especially when it comes to long car rides) :

  1. Camp Richardson: PARTY HARDY! This fun little beach was a blast to visit. With the band playing at the restaurant and everyone having a great time, this beach is the bomb.
  2. The Look Out - It's not really called the look out but I can't seem to find the name of this AMAZING view on the internet or the mappp. Just drive along 89 headed towards Homewood and you will notice a sign with "pinnacle" or "point". Pull over immediately and bring your best camera! Maybe it's Rubicon Point ... 
  3. Tahoe City - If you get hungry along the road wait until Tahoe City! This town is suhh cute. Walk around a little, get the legs stretched. 
  4. Kings Beach - You made it to the top of the lake! Now go for a swim :) This beach is super populated but worth stopping by at the off hours. 
lake tahoe - trek your market

*Note: the drive took me 3 hours and I was flying.

Terrible list I know. But just wanted to write down the lovely stops I made today!! I am having some guests join me later in the week so I can do the drive again.

6 days left!

Happy trekking,


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