How to add products to Shopify

Welcome to your Shopify page!

Now that we have completed your first draft, it’s time to upload products #wahoo!

  1. Login into your Shopify site and select PRODUCTS

2. Click ADD PRODUCT located in the top right corner

3. Add PRODUCT TITLE | Example: Pink Flutter Tee


4. Next, add the description of the product | Example: product materials, model size, and overall fit & feel.

5. Add multiple images - the more the better! | Make sure these images are cropped to the exact same size so it looks cohesive.
Alternatively, you can drag and drop the images from your computer’s directory to the images section:
*The first image you upload will become your featured image by default.

6. Determine pricing. You can also input a compare price for your customer’s reference.And cost per item if they order more than 1x optional. Tick the checkbox below to ensure you make the tax included in the product.

7. Assign inventory SKUs (this will help you differentiate one product from the next), barcode, and your desired Inventory Policy


8. Determine weight for shipping | this does not have to be exact but will help determine automatic shipping rates based on how many products they order | Example: one shirt to ship is $3 or 5 items to ship is $5


9. Variants allow you offer different sizing. You can also assign more than one variant like Color.

10. Now, assign inventory per variant. You can also individually add up its price if it varies

11. Modify the product’s “Organization” as this includes Product Type (Ex: Jackets), Collections (Ex: Spring 2019), and Vendor *optional. This is going to help with sorting and filtering.

12. Tags are another great way to sort products. I would suggest copying the same text as the Product Type (Jackets) as well as additional, more detailed adjectives to describe the product if applicable. This is going to help with sorting and filtering.


13. DONE & SAVE!

14. Now, do it again with the next product :) Either duplicate or start fresh.

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