How To Save Time Posting On Social Media

One of the hardest parts about working in the Marketing Industry is having to work all the time. Not just during the week but also on the weekends, even after hours.

So how can you help market your company even when you're not around?
Keep in mind this takes practice, testing, and skill.


Hootsuite is a great publishing tool to help you post while you are away. This platform sends out your pre-scheduled posts when needed so you have more time to worry about other things. 
This is the main platform I use for clients so here are some notes I have found helpful:

  • Always check in on every post you send out for correct formatting. 
    For example: Posting an image through Hootsuite on LinkedIn will look different than posting straight from the platform.
  • Also, every post requires text. So if you are wanting to upload an image only, you are going to have to go through the source.

Just fiddle with it for a week or so to make sure you understand.


This is another scheduling tool similar to Hootsuite. This is a smaller platform, but pick and choose whichever you are more comfortable with.

I think Link Humans did a great job explaining the difference between the two:  "Hootsuite is more of a social management tool, so it’ll offer you analytics around content you post, how your social networks are performing, your social traffic (via the Google Analytics integration), and more. On the other hand, Buffer is primarily a publishing and scheduling tool, so all of its analytics revolves around the content you post from the platform. That means that content you post natively on the platform or through another tool won’t appear in Buffer."

Schedule Ahead

This is one of the biggest life savers to me. Always having a calendar on hand to schedule your posts way ahead of time. I understand that some posts are time sensitive but others can be scheduled weeks or days ahead. One thing I like to do is develop a monthly plan around the 15th of every month. This allows me time to tinker with what I have going out. While also setting a plan to I know what is going to go out that day.

One of the most intricate scheduling tools I have found is through Hubspot. This would be great for your company if you are planning to send out multiple posts a day.

Don’t Fret

I have a problem with this too… you think so long about having to post that Saturday that you ruin your weekend mornings OR you fret about writing that blog for weeks and just never get to it. It’s ok. Take a breather and write when it comes to you. Do not force it! That is the worst… no motivation means no creative content.

Have Fun

And as I always say, have fun with it. Love what you do. Do what you love.

Happy trekking,