How to images to appear like they do on desktop, mobile stacking | Squarespace

So I run into this problem a lot, going from this beautiful design on desktop to a somewhat beautiful design on mobile ... not cool.

So here is a simple fix on how to keep your images aligned while using both desktop and mobile 

as you can see here on desktop the images are all side by side like we want it

Photo Aug 16, 7 56 44 AM.png

but here they stack and dont look good on mobile

Photo Aug 16, 7 56 54 AM.png

so the best way to achieve the desktop look without getting into code is to create a carousel gallery

This way your images stay aligned even on mobile!

If you have text as part of your alignment, simply save it as an image in photoshop or screenshot it/crop/and then add as an image (as I did in the above video)

Hope this helps!