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Social Set Co Preset Launch!

What a cool project to work on!! Social Set Co announced they wanted to make a site where they could not only sell their own presets but also sell other amazing influencer and brand presets as well. Being one cohesive place you can easily shop all your preset needs. So neat right?!
We built this site on Shopify to handle the traffic as well as sell digital goods. We also implemented a plugin that allows for limited downloads to reduce the risk of sharing WAHOO!

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Basecamp 37 Booking Site Launch!

Basecamp37 joined TYM looking for a more mobile friendly site that really pushed their bookings. So, I moved them from Wordpress (way too complex) to Squarespace (amazing as always) to give them the site they had always dreamed of! It is equipped with the Airbnb availability calendar so people can see when the tents are open which was a MUST. Check it out for yourself!

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