Taos Drums | Taos, New Mexico

A couple weeks  back I made the effort to stop at the Taos Drums shop on my way out of town. I had never pulled over in the past because ... well ... I never needed a drum. But because I was showing a guest around, I figured it would give us something to do.

Taos Drums- Trek Your Market

Tee Pees!

The factory is located right outside Taos Pueblo in a town called Ranchos De Taos. As you pull in first thing you see are the famous Tee Pees!
With the mountains in the backdrop, you have to stop and take a picture!  

Once you make your way inside you will see a plentiful amount of hand drums and other Indian goodies. I must have spent hours in there just looking at all the "stuff". Which is where I got the postcards in the image above. 
Fun fact: on the back of each one of the postcards tells a story of the image portrayed. I love to keep these on my coffee table when people come over :) 
OH and they have the best rugs I have ever seen! The colors they offer can only be found in a place like Taos. 

Take a tour

As I was walking around the store one of the employees asked me if we wanted a tour. YES.
As we headed back I was overwhelmed!

First you will see how they make the drums. Most of the time, they will have employees working on the drums ready to sell. You learn how they process the hide, how they find and form the trees, as well as how the different shapes and sizes affect a customers specific needs.


Making your way back even further you get to see the massive amount of drums in stock. Everything from hand drums to drums the size of my bed in all different shapes, colors and sizes. Not one drum is alike nor does one drum sound alike.

I think my favorite thing was testing out how each one sounded. The sounds are a very personal thing, so people will come in for hours trying to find their dream drum.

And to be honest, the pricing really was not that expensive!


So, next time you're in Toas make sure to make a pit stop!