The Active Vacationers Guide To Watercolor, FL

Watercolor, Florida is one of the most beautiful beaches in the USA. Along with it's neighboring beaches (Rosemary, Alys, and Grayton) there is plenty to do! Shopping, sitting on the beach, eating great food, and enjoying "beach time" are all parts of the vacation. 
But what to do if your an active vacationer like myself?

the active vacationers guide to watercolor - trek your market


Whether you bring one yourself or rent one from the Boat House, kayaking and paddle boarding can be a great outdoor activity for you and your family/friends. 
Taking off from the Boathouse Paddle Club you can hang out in the surrounding lake perfecting your water-sporting skills OR...

You can rent for a couple extra hours and kayak the Western Lake from Watercolor through Grayton Beach National Park and back out to the ocean at Grayton Beach. This is one of the best activities I have found in area!!! 
Pack a cooler with you favorite drinks and head out. It should take your about 45 minutes to get to Grayton depending on the tide.
Once you've arrived in Grayton you can either pull your boat over to the ocean and hang out on the beach.
Or park your kayak at the dock and have lunch at the iconic Red Bar or the new Chiringo .

Just make sure to watch the clock if you are renting to leave plenty of time to get back. After a meal and a couple drinks ... it will take a little extra time to get back :)


One of my favorite places EVER to get out and run! I swear I could run forever.

Follow the paths to see the amazing homes and neighborhoods up close. It's also a great way to find your way around the resort. 

You can also break off onto a trail. These trails go on for miles!! If you don't know where the trails begin and end, I would suggest downloading the MAP to determine your route. The blue lines suggest trails.

Make sure your bring your phone, you'll want to take pictures.


The best way to get anywhere in Watercolor is to bike. Most rental homes will come with bike rentals but if not you can rent them from the Bike Barn.

Explore all the neighborhoods (if you're into looking at beautiful homes) or hang out on the trails. There is more than enough to explore.

If you are in for a longer ride, you can head over to Seaside to grab a bite to eat form the Airstream food trucks or do some shopping. Then bike back.

If you want to go even further just head out to 30A and bike as far as you feel. Head over to Rosemary or Alys... the possibilities and miles are endless.

When we have friends staying we will hop on the bikes and head over to Bud and Alley's rooftop bar for a drink or make the trek to Pandora's in Grayton for a night of dancing. 


Hit up the tennis center if you are interested in starting up a game with one of your friends/family. I am not the biggest tennis player, so I wish I could tell you more BUT I do know they have a state of the art facility.

Since they keep the court lit at night,  you can always grab a racket and play night games with everyone after dinner.


I have found the Pure Bare class in town (next to the Publix) is more than happy to take in anyone who wants to participate. They are very welcoming and have class times throughout the day to fit your schedule. If you are staying in Watercolor, you can ride your bike to the studio for a little extra exercise. 

And finally, if you are not one that loves working out outdoors, you can always use the workout facility. They have everything you need!

Enjoy and happy trekking!!

If you have any questions make sure to comment below!