The Moodboard

1.Create a board

This is where I ALWAYS like to begin! This sets the undertone for your entire brand’s “vibe”. SO, let’s get to pinning!
Head on over to Pinterest and start a board specifically for this occasion. I normally title the board according the the site name to keep in all aligned.

2. Start pinning

As you can see on my Moodboard below ⤵ I don’t have any images having to do with the actual design of my site. This is also not all the pins that I added to my board. In fact these are just some of my favorites.

This doesn’t meant that you have to be as broad as I was with my moodboard. The point of this is to HAVE FUN! Look for images that describe not only your style but the vibe of the brand as well.
I always like to tell people to pin things such as a beach scene if those are the colors you are looking for (pastel and blue), pin interior design shots (modern or farmhouse), or even pin fonts that you would like to see on your own blog/site.

Try not to stress over this, have fun with it! Maybe this is something you do over a glass of wine while waiting through commercials of your favorite new show :)


Here is an example of my moodboard for TYM!

moodboard 2.png

Another example moodboard for a wedding videographer

A third example of a moodboard for an editorial style blog

3. Save pins

Once your board is complete. Take a step back and look at it from afar. You should see a connection of colors and style that all blends together. Do you see it?! It may not match perfectly, but you should be able to get an idea as to where your branding is headed!

  • Select your top 6-10 images (make sure they look different from each other EX: don’t have 5 images of fonts and then only one other image)

  • Right click

  • Save your images (This would be a good time to get organized | EX: “blog name” → Branding Guide → Save)

4. It’s now time to upload them to your Moodboard!

Alright girl, this is your first (official) step towards the branding guide!
We will be using an easy design platform called CANVA to put your branding guide together.
If you would prefer to use Photoshop you can download the template here.

Open the link below and USE AS TEMPLATE
From there simply upload the images you just saved to the MOODBOARD ⤵

Here is an example of a moodboard I threw together using the Canva platform ⤴

5. Save the moodboard to your brand folder!

Once you are happy with your creations, click download (as a JPG or PNG) and save this board to your branding folder

6. add the moodboard to your branding guide!

Now that you have the moodboard saved, let’s add it to your branding guide.
Simply upload the moodboard to the Canva platform, then drag and drop it into the Moodboard section of the guide.


feel free to post this on your social media outlets to let people see the progress your are making!!

You have now completed the moodboard section of your branding guide!
Let’s move onto colors!

Have a Q? Ask away!