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all you need to do is site back and relax

Everybody needs a website. The question is ... how are you going to get one? Build it yourself (time consuming), hire someone to design it from scratch (very expensive), or somewhere in between (perfect!)? That's where I come in. We'll work together to create a website perfect for your business or blog. Whether you are just starting out or looking for a re-design, we can create an online "front" that embodies everything you are looking for.
Specializing in Squarespace, Wordpress, and Shopify Design
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Modern Mommy PT

Kelley and Amy came to me looking for a site for their new business (physical therapy for pre, post, and during pregnancy) how cool right?! The reason they came to TYM was that they did not want the site to look like just any site ... they wanted it to give off a warm welcoming feeling that resembled a blog. So, that is just what we did!

As a new business launcher (I hope that’s a word), I need to publicly THANK those I couldn’t do without Austin with Trek Your Market. Simply amazing web designer. Managing all my questions. Managing my crazy texts, emails, and calls. You are wonderful and patient!”



A shared work space with drafts, documents & downloads available to you during and after the project.

A final responsive Squarespace, Wordpress, Shopify website or blog including both mobile and desktop versions

An e-commerce and blog template

Social Media launch graphic

Branding Guide

Any future q/a's regarding your website are on me!


You have a clear understanding of your business,
but need help turning into an online profitable business.

You are looking to create a new one-of-a-kind website.

You want to revamp your already existing website.

You're an entrepreneur, small business, blogger, shop owner, start up, artist, designer, or creative. 




The Inspiration Board helps guide me in the right direction visually. I will be asking you to collect images, shapes, colors, etc. into one cohesive location. This will work as a reference when building your website and designing graphics. 
1 revision.




Once we have decided on a theme from the Inspiration Board, I will provide you with a Branding Guide. This guide will cover logos, fonts, images, icons, etc. You will also be able to access this guide in the future for marketing needs. 
1 revision.


Content Collection

I promise this won't be too bad! Here is where you will work with us to put together all the NEW content for your website :)
Things like your about bio, or new images from the photoshoot you just had will all be collected within the homework period.
And, not to worry! We will take this one step at a time!
Homework must be completed before design start date.




Now onto your website! I will be using the references from the inspiration board and Branding Guide to build your perfect site.
This will cover everything we discussed previously in the Q&A so progress should move along quickly.
E-commerce and blog are included. 
2 revisions.



Now that the website has been finalized, we can start letting people know about it!
I will build or revise whatever social platforms we view relevant to your company. This includes images, text, advertising, etc.
1 revision.
*social media management is available upon request and requirements



Your website is done! Now it's time for me to hand it over to you.
I will walk you through the site, show you how to work basic tasks. and guide you through anything else you might need to know for the future of your online business.


Moving forward

At any time, you are more than welcome to contact TYM for questions! I understand websites are a constant work in progress so any extra information you may need, just feel free to call/email!
Included in pricing



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