Angela Voyles Interior Design Website

We have started with yet another website! I am super excited about this given I am working with the amazing creative director Creative Director: Katherine Leonard out of Charleston, SC.  Pretty much finds these amazing clients, finds out what they need to grow their business, and includes me in on the website building aspect. Pretty cool teamwork I must say :)

So, here we have this designer. She started out working with a builder helping him decide on finishes for new or remodeled homes (think lighting, cabinetry, etc.) Now, she is wanting to combine what she has been doing with interior design. In other words decide on the finishes as well as all the finishing touches that go into making a home beautiful. Pretty neat!

First step

After an initial meeting about the website we decided that we would work with her limited budget by modeling her website after one of my pre-built sites. She chose the TYM site :)
Next, we went through her existing images/content to determine what we had to work with. 

Katherine had a cool idea of using a collage instead of a single for the homepage. With some creative work on her end and a little graphic design here is what we came up with:


angela voyles- trek your market


angela voyles- trekyourmarket

With a little photo editing to take the yellow out and some graphic design to add the logo, we came up with this. Hope she likes it!

Stay tuned for more regarding Angela's website. I will be updating this as we hit different milestones. I will be consistently updating this blog as we move along.

In the meantime, if you are looking for an awesome website ... head on over to my website package!

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