Which One Jewelry Website

We wanted to design a website that would show off who Which One Jewelry was, the people behind the brand, location options, and custom ordering.

With a logo already designed, I had to work with the style of their already established company to build them a perfect, beautiful online presence.

We began with photos.

The first thing I do with any client is get them to put together an inspiration board. Pinterest is a great place to gather all the photos they find relative to their brand into one place.

They had also hired a photographer and the photos turned out great!


So now I had to combine the style of their products, the logo they had created, and images sent from their most recent photo shoot into a coherent online location.

Onto the website

I had originally drawn out a multi page website that remained pretty simple. A homepage, an about page, a locations page, and a contact page. But as I got into the design I found that the information provided was not enough to have a multi page site. It wasn't that I needed more information but the design needed to adapt to the purpose of the original Which One Jewelry website concept.

Take 2

Index page. GREAT! Instead of separating the information page by page I redrew (basically the same site) into an ongoing one page website. This way the viewer was guided from the introduction, to learning more about the designers, to viewing their work and ordering custom pieces. In a sense, it told a story, which is exactly what we needed. Instead of chopped up information, the viewer is guided from one piece of information to the next ultimately ending up with a location they can visit or a contact form to ask more about custom orders.

Draft 1

The first draft looked great! I was very pleased. But my creative client needed some changes. Instead of the logo in the top right corner (formal), she wanted it front and center. People already know about their brand so this made sense.

Back to the drawing board. With a little help from Photoshop I added their logo over the main header image.

Which One Header - Trek Your Market

Once uploaded, the company name in the top right corner looked funny as well.

Back to Photoshop I then added their company name in the matching text.

The site was coming together!

Draft 2

I decided there needed to be some division within the sections/topics of the site.

So I looked to other work for inspiration:

Final Draft

I sent the site out to get approved by both Which One Jewelry girls and their friends and family. And what came back was great! Except for ONE thing. The custom orders needed to be more noticeable.

Here is what I am thinking …

I am going to add a top bar to announce the custom jewelry available. Maybe ask them to offer a discount for the website launch?

Then I will add a pop up – this will take more coding than usual from an outside source to let people know again that they can contact them for custom pieces.

There is already a link within the site (near the locations section) to allow the visitor to fill out the form in regards to what they are looking at.

Someone had mentioned adding a link to the current line of jewelry so the client can use those images as examples of what they might want.


Launch date September 1, 2016


Video coming soon!