High Cotton Rental Home Website DONE!


How beautiful is this website and this home?! 

Located in Watercolor, Florida (right near Santa Rosa Beach) this home was built for entertainment!

After having some trouble with VRBO's new changes, the owners wanted to create a digital space where potential renters could go and book directly through them. Making the process much simpler than booking through another site. 

The design of the website was to show how amazing this house really is!

Here's a peak into High Cotton's branding guide! Fonts styles, colors, and designs used to make the site come together.

The homepage brings you right to the front door as if you were driving up yourself. 

Want to go inside? Take a peek into the Gallery as we guide you through the interior, along the exterior, and up into the third floor kid room.

Want to know more? Click the About tab!

Like what you see? See what other people have said about their stay!

I love it too! 

Back on track...

I used the VRBO account associated with the house to develop this website. If you check in on the testimonials or availability you will see a direct link to VRBO. This allows the owner to go into VRBO, update what is needed and it will transfer LIVE to the website by TYM. Cool right?!
Here's an example:

LIVE calendar updates?! YES!

The best thing about this website is that we were able to completely customize it. Looking so much better than a boring rental site (even though the house is able to tell it's own story :))
Little details such as custom font to fit the house and little graphics to give the site a beachy feel, made this website almost as beautiful as the home itself!

Moving forward, we will be launching a social media campaign so keep an eye our for us on Facebook and Pinterest!

And as always, just like any other site, we will be constantly changing and updating it to ensure our viewers are getting the best online rental shopping experience EVER!

If you are interested in giving your rental home a website,
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